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Big Data & Analytics Platform

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Tirzok Big Data Platform is a heterogeneous modular Big Data Solution built for handling petabyte scale Data Processing. Its modular design permits highly customizable deployment plan based on the customer requirement. Built on top of state of the art open source projects, Its built from the ground up with flexibility and transparency. There no vendor lock in , and it will work seamlessly with existing ecosystem and provide both quick data Insight and permit development of AI based systems.


Tirzok File Storage

Distributed File Storage for storing unstructured data based on Apache Hadoop File System(HDFS)

Tirzok Data Storage

Distributed structured table storage for relational data based on Apache Kudu.

Tirzok Analytics

Fast In-memory parallel computation framework based on Apache Spark.

Tirzok JSON store

Distributed Key-Value store based on Apache Cassandra.

Tirzok Stream-Insight

Distributed stream Analytics framework based on Apache Flink.

Tirzok Brain

Large Scale AI platform  with TPU(Tensor Processing Unit) acceleration based on Tensorflow.

Tirzok Data Integrator

Distributed ETL pipeline development platform based Apache Kafka.

Tirzok Search

Distributed Real-time Search based on ElasticSearch.

Tirzok Data WareHouse

Large Scale AI platform  with TPU(Tensor Processing Unit) acceleration based on Tensorflow.

Tirzok Graph

Graph Solution based on Neo4j

Use Cases

Data Warehouse Offload

Big organizations struggling to meet their BI/Reporting requirements with Traditional expansive proprietary Data WareHouses, can seamlessly offload their transactional data for developing BI/Reporting Applications on Top of Tirzok Data Warehouse.

Real-time Search

Web Based businesses can leverage Tirzok Search for real time Search Applications.

Churn Prediction

Organizations looking for automated customized offer solution for their customers can use Tirzok Brain for automatic Customer Segmentation, Churn Prediction and developing Customized offers based on Business KPIs

Recommendation System

Organizations looking for recommending customers products to increase their Business KPIs can use Trizok Graph and Tirzok Brain to build a reinforcement learning based Recommendation system.