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Disaster recovery (DR) : Backup and Archive

Disaster recovery solutions for redundancy and replication are expensive to set up, manage and maintain. Object storage is an ideal alternative solution for data replication, given its easily-deployed network-based accessibility and its built-in geo-resilience.

Figure: Conventional backup replication using a secondary 'disaster recovery' data centre.

  1. vSphere ESX cluster hosting an estate of various virtual machines. All VM data disks are backed up to an enterprise backup platform as well as file based and agent based backups for structured data applications.

  2. Physical database cluster (based on Oracle, SAP etc.) running an enterprise database backend

  3. Primary datacenter backup solution using a disk-based storage array and tape-based backup for longer term archiving.

  4. Expensive dedicated network interconnect between the primary and secondary datacenter locations to allow for replication of the backup environment.

  5. Secondary backup platform in the Disaster Recovery site used to replicate backup data.

Tirzok Cloud Storage is an ideal solution to lower the cost and increase the resiliency of this solution by replacing one or both of the backup platforms.

  • Option 1: Replace the disaster recovery site with Object Storage

  • Option 2: Replace the complete backup solution with Object Storage

Figure: Disaster recovery secondary replication replaced with TCS.

Figure: TCS as a replacement for both the primary and secondary backup platforms.