Managed Services

Tirzok Managed services provide you virtualization, containerization, clustering, database, monitoring, storage, integrated development platform software development & consultancy services for maintaining and anticipating need for a range of processes and functions in order to improve your organizations’ operations and better performance.

Virtualization Services

  • Simple Virtualization Platform with KVM
    • With proper tuning and internal storage
    • With proper tuning and with block storage solutions
  • Clustered Virtualization Platform with Ovirt/RHEV/Proxmox
    • A complete high performance virtualization infrastructure
    • Data center management
    • Storage management
    • Multi-hypervisor management
    • Networking management
    • Virtual Machine management
    • VMs high availability
    • VMs snapshot, template, migration
    • User management and administration
  • Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery Design
  • Security implementation of the whole network and infrastructure
  • Shared storage platform integration
  • Private Cloud block storage platform integration

Containerization Services

  • Docker, LXC and other container platforms.
  • Swarm, Kubernetes based clustering.
  • PaaS using OpenShift Origin (OKD).
  • Reliable Storage integration (e.g., Ceph, GlusterFS).

Clustering Services

Clustering services ensure service availability (Maximum possible uptime) and quality of service. Tirzok offers various clustering methods some of which are (But not all, depends on clients requirements)

  • High Availability or Active-Backup or Failover Cluster
    • Priority Based
      • Traffic will be routed to servers according to the set priority. Unless unavailable, traffic will be always routed to the servers and services which have the highest priority set on them.
    • Automatically triggered
      • Failover will be triggered automatically if primary servers or services are not available. And traffic will be routed to failover servers.
    • Conditionally triggered
      • Failover will trigger based on certain predefined conditions. And traffic will be routed to failover servers and services when predefined conditions are met.
  • Load Balanced or Active-Active Cluster
    • Automatically load balanced in available resources
      • All traffic will be routed between available resources and servers
    • Conditionally load balanced in available resources
      • Traffic will be routed between servers when certain predefined conditions are met
  • Application based cluster
    • Special cluster formation depending on the application and services which do not form a cluster in general.

***If a server goes down traffic will not be sent to that specific server

Database Services

Tirzok offers database managed services as IT Solutions for businesses that are looking for industry standard reliable performance, optimization and security of their infrastructure. Common services Tirzok offers as database managed services are

  • SQL Schema design for optimum performance
  • SQL Query Optimization for Report generation
  • Backup and Restore of Databases
    • PITR (Point in time recovery)
      • PITR is a method to recover data up to a certain point in
        time in case of a disaster
    • Automatic Backup
      • Automatic backup for database system design, deploy and configure according to requirements
    • Continuous Backup
      • Continuous backup for database system design, deploy and configure according to requirements
  • LogShipping – Shipping the transaction logs between primary and secondary servers for analysis and recovery of data
  • Clustering – Cluster of the database system and services for high availability, data security, performance enhancement and disaster recovery precaution
    • Active-Backup Cluster or Master-Slave Cluster
    • Active-Active Cluster or Multi Master Cluster
  • Sharding – Partition large databases into smaller, faster and more easily managed parts
  • Proxy query / Query Routing – Proxy or Route database query to different sets of servers according to needs to enhance performance
  • DB Activity Analysis – Analyze all the query or I/O activity going on a database system
  • Performance Tuning – Tune performance of database system, services and servers to enhance the output and response to be optimum possible
  • Security Hardening – Optimize the security of the database system and services to secure the traffic, data and communication between servers
  • Some of the Notable Database Systems that we are very proficient with and currently providing managed services are
    • SQL
      • MySQL
      • MariaDB
      • Percona XtraDB
      • PostgreSQL
    • NoSQL
      • MongoDB
      • Cassandra
      • ScyllaDB
      • Redis

Monitoring Services

Tirzok offers various monitoring facilities to monitor, analyze, detect and alert applications, services and infrastructure traffic, status, performance etc. It helps to detect anomalies, find disaster root causes etc. Also helps to take proper decisions to manipulate or upgrade infrastructure according to data.

  • Service Alert Platform
    • Monitor services status
    • Monitor servers status
    • Forecasting and anomaly detection
    • Fix issues when detects that services are not working properly
    • Generate Alert by email or text messages when it fails to fix an issue
  • Metrics Monitoring
    • Monitors server metricses
    • Generate graphs of resource usage and status
    • Keeps history of servers usage and status
    • Gives understanding of overall resource consumption and status
    • Customized dashboard according to requirement
  • ELK
  • Prometheus
  • TimescaleDB
  • Customization of monitoring requirements and reports

Storage Services

Tirzok offers enterprise grade storage solutions and cloud storage solutions for businesses depending on application or infrastructure requirements.

  • NAS (Network Attached Storage)
    • Simple NAS
      • Simple NAS without data backup
      • Simple NAS with data backup.
    • Highly Available Redundant Clustered NAS
    • Cloud NAS storage
  • Block Storage
    • Simple block storage
      • Simple block storage without data backup
      • Simple block storage with data backup
    • Highly Available Redundant Clustered block storage
    • Cloud block storage
  • Cloud object storage (Amazon S3 alike)

Integrated Development Platform Services

  • Centralized Auth Service (Microsoft Active Directory, RedHat FreeIPA,
    OpenLDAP etc.)
  • Mail Server
  • Mail Security Gateway
    • Spam & Virus Detection
    • SMTP Whitelist checking
    • Prevents Unauthorized email relay
  • Version Control System
    • Source Code Management
    • CI/CD pipelines to automate deployment
  • Messaging Service (Slack alike messaging service)
    • Private messaging platform. All messages and documents
      shared will be completely private
  • Datastore Service (Dropbox alike datastore platform)
    • Private storage service to store all types of data. All stored data
      are private and can only be accessed by authorized persons
  • Issue Tracker and Project Management Service
    • Manage workflow of projects
    • Time management of projects
    • Assign works and track work progress of individual persons
    • Track project work and time spent
    • Write wiki to document guides

Managed Services Portfolio


GRP project deployment in associate with CoKreates contains

  • Infrastructure as a service (Cloud deployment and managed).
  • Deployment Architecture Design.
  • Deployment through Micro Service platform.
  • Virtualization.
  • Private DNS Deployment.

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