Cloud Storage

Tirzok Cloud Storage (TCS) is Object storage built to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere – websites, mobile applications, media and financial software, backup and restore, archive, enterprise applications, IoT devices, and big data analytics. TCS guarantees up to 99.9% availability and comes with no limits to data storage. TCS is enabling optimizations in production and post-production workflows.


Scalable, Software-defined Object Storage

With Tirzok Cloud Storage, you can start small and scale to many petabytes. Next time you’re adding another backup server, use private cloud storage as a target instead of traditional arrays to have a single storage target instead of many. Capacity and performance can be scaled independently, ensuring your storage cloud is tuned to your needs at all times without over-provisioning.

Massive Throughput Performance

Tirzok Cloud Storage architecture makes it simple to scale network bandwidth in and out of the cluster. This allows it to provide massive throughput for uploading and downloading content, which means that it takes less time to store and retrieve big files. This is accomplished by moving lots of data in parallel—even saturating many 10Gb or 40Gb network links.

Hardware Flexibility

When Tirzok Cloud Storage is software-defined, we have wide-open choice in the hardware we use. Software-defined object storage can be tiered among inexpensive, moderate, and high-end storage hardware to correspond to archival (“cold”), seldom to moderately used (“warm”), and high-frequency (“hot”) data without requiring investments in different architectures.

Highly Available

Data kept on Tirzok Cloud Object Storage devices, which consist of the object data and metadata, can be accessed directly through APIs or http/https. You can store any kind of data, photos, videos, and log files. The object store guarantees that the data will not be lost and highly available. Object storage data can be replicated across different data centers and offer simple web services interfaces for access.

Multi-Region Production and Active Archive

TCS can be deployed in a single site or used to connect multiple sites together with a single view of the assets stored. Instead of using FTP or a WAN accelerator to send large files from point A to point B, with TCS, any data uploaded at any site can be instantly accessed at any remote site. With TCS, users can write anywhere and read everywhere.

Hybrid Cloud, Multi-cloud Support

Tirzok Cloud Storage powers multi-cloud data management for Enterprises, enabling freedom to move workloads between clouds with universal access to data across on-premises and public infrastructure.

Mult-level Security

Data encryption is available in TCS to protect object data and user metadata from being exposed if a data drive leaves the cluster and to keep inter-cluster data in-flight encrypted. AES 256-bit encryption of data-at-rest in TCS encrypts all object data, object etags (checksums), and any user metadata values set on objects. Internally-encrypted data is never returned to clients via the API and by encrypting data in the access layer, all inter-cluster communication is encrypted.

Use Case

Disaster recovery (DR) : Backup and Archive

Disaster recovery solutions for redundancy and replication are expensive to set up, manage and maintain. Tirzok Cloud Storage is an ideal alternative solution for data replication, given its easily-deployed network-based accessibility and its built-in geo-resilience.

Medical Imaging and Healthcare data analytics

Anonymised upload of the medical images to Tirzok Cloud Storage could expose valuable information to various medical research groups. By allowing research teams to enrich the data with metadata; targeted searches and analytics can be built up to reveal previously-undiscovered trends.

Document Store and File sharing

Maintaining a server estate and storage platform for a document management system is cumbersome. Transforming the storage backend entirely to an Tirzok Cloud Storage platform is a logical step to lower the administrative burden.

Media and Entertainment

Media & Entertainment is an industry at the cutting edge of new technologies. But it is also one that is going under a painful digital transition. Higher resolutions, UHD TVs, immersive reality, and interactive content are contributing to massive data challenges. Tirzok Cloud Storage is a new way of storing, tracking and sharing files. It’s designed to overcome the inherent limitations of file systems and RAID at scale.


TCS enables organizations to build a long term repository for video surveillance data that eliminates silos and can seamlessly scale out capacity, all in a single global namespace. This eliminates the need to use cold storage like tape or complex replication appliances to store and protect the data.

Data lakes and Big data analytics

What complicates the task for companies is not the data itself but the management of metadata which adds information and permits a more sophisticated approach to analytics, thus making the data itself a more valuable asset. Properly tagged data is searchable and becomes meaningful and actionable content.