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Our Features

Multiple Domain Support

Each user is tied to a specific domain. Unlimited number of domains can coexist within the cloud platform. Most of the times, a domain usually represents a separate authoritative body. From the perspectives of a large organization, each of the sister concerns or sub-organizations can be treated as a separate domain. Apart from that, a domain may represent technically a separate auth mechanism or domain controller.

Domain Controller Integration

Microsoft Windows Active Directory, Red Hat FreeIPA and several other LDAP based auth/domain controllers can be integrated with the Cloud platform.

Fault Tolerant

In a multi-region level, no single point of failure exists within the cloud platform. Data syncing between regions is a prime need, and the Cloud platform addresses this pretty well. In a single region setup, no single point of failure exists within the data center. The storage platform syncing can be designed according to syncing needs between regions. The core engine of the cloud is also designed in a no single point of failure architecture.

Lower TCO

For organizations using a reasonable number of servers, the Cloud platform provides lower Total Cost of Ownership and lower maintenance overhead, with lower monthly recurring costs (like power bills, cooling etc.).

Network Security

The core cloud platform is fully isolated from the tenants and other workloads. With appropriate software defined IPS integration, security group utilization and firewalls, the cloud platform is capable of surviving large attacks, isolate resources from attacks. Compromise within a tenant has virtually no effect on other tenants.

Data Protection & Security

With the utilization of the Object Storage Platform, persistent, backup or archive data can be securely stored. Physical damage of one physical hardware (servers, switches etc.) has no effect on the services/tenant workloads running on top of the cloud platform.

Built-in Backup & Restoration

Persistent data/disk of the compute resources (e.g, virtual machines) can be securely backed up (whether manually or automatically) on the object storage platform. The restoration process is also straightforward. Apart from full backup, periodic snapshots and restoration comes in handy within Tirzok Cloud Platform.

Multi Region Support

Multi region support is built into Tirzok Cloud Platform. Outage of one region can be handled gracefully by the other region(s). Both Disaster Recovery (DR) and Active/Active Data Center Regions are supported with the availability of high speed inter Data Center connections.

Software Defined Networking

Network and network resource (e.g, routers) creation are not dependent on the strict physical networking layout. Provisioning of a new network and its resources require couple of seconds compared to months in some cases. Usage of tenant/project based networks increases security and separates broadcast domains from one another.

Software Defined Storage

Software defined storages are used throughout while designing Tirzok Private Cloud Platform. All types of storage interfaces (file storage, block storage and object storage) are provided through highly scalable software defined storage platforms (e.g, Ceph).

Horizontally Scalable

The whole cloud platform (compute resources, storage platforms, etc.) is horizontally scalable, and performance increases quite linearly with the addition of resources.

High Performance

With the utilization of high speed networking and optimized server hardware, Tirzok Cloud Platform can support virtually any workload with high efficiency.

Failure Domain Isolation

Data can be stored with failure domains in mind. For example, if the storage platform consists of five racks of servers, then each rack can be treated as a separate failure domain. Within the five racks, simultaneous failure of two racks will not hamper the storage access pattern.

Resource Groups

Compute resources can be allocated in groups based on the hardware variation and/or availability requirements. For example, a few servers can be placed in a group who have locally attached storage and a few servers can be placed in another group who are connected to shared storage platforms.

Designed based on Requirements and Use Case

Tirzok Cloud Platform is designed after deeply analyzing customer use cases, performance and compliance requirements. This includes server sizing, network design, throughput requirements, CPU overcommit possibilities, etc.

No Vendor Lock-in

Tirzok Cloud Platform do not advocate any particular vendor for any kind of hardware. Hardware from any vendor can be utilized provided appropriate hardware sizing is performed based on the requirements.

API Driven

Tirzok Cloud Platform fully supports REST API based management.

Open Source

Tirzok Cloud Platform, at its core is based on the widely adopted and recognized OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud platform. Apart from that, several open source software are utilized to provide a fully automated, orchestrated, monitored and logged cloud platform .

Private Cloud Services

Our Services

Key Management Service

  • Data Protection Orchestration Service

    Odoo CMS- Sample image floating
  • Search Service

  • Application Catalog Service

  • Governance Service

  • VPN Service

  • Firewall Service

  • Metering Service

  • Auto Scaling Service

  • Integration of Cloud Networking with SDN Controllers like OpenDayLight

  • Integration of Block Storage Service with different storage backends

Use Cases



Use Cases

Private Cloud is a solution specially adapted for critical, industrialized and secure business activities. Free yourself from infrastructure administration, Tirzok takes care of hardware virtualization and makes sure that it runs.

  • Workloads and Data with Demanding Security Requirements
  • Mission-critical Business Applications
  • Addressing Compliance Regulations
  • Data Sovereignty
  • Applications that Require High Performance
  • Data Center Consolidation and Extension
  • IT-as-a-service
  • Test/Dev Environments and Application Development
  • Disaster Recovery

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